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Yamaha RX-V - Wzmacniacz Yamaha RX-V nie włącza się, zero reakcji. Zwieranie Mono / Stereo. pressing the "STRAIGHT" and "AUDIO SELECT" keys. (Fig. 5) .. MAC ADDRESS CHECK SCAN / TC74HCAF MPX.
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WARNING: Failure to follow appropriate service and safety procedures when servicing this product may result in personal injury, destruction of expensive components, and failure of the product to perform as specified. IMPORTANT: The presentation or sale of this manual to any individual or firm does not constitute authorization, certification or recognition of any applicable technical capabilities, or establish a principle-agent relationship of any form.

The data provided is believed to be accurate and applicable to the unit s indicated on the cover. Modifications are, therefore, inevitable and specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation to retrofit.

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Should any discrepancy appear to exist, please contact the distributor's Service Division. Discharge any static electricity your body may have accumulated by grounding yourself to the ground buss in the unit heavy gauge black wires connect to this buss. Recheck all work before you apply power to the unit.

This manual is copyrighted by YAMAHA and may not be copied or redistributed either in print or electronically without permission. Box 1, Hamamatsu, Japan Downloaded from www. Critical Components Information Components having special characteristics are marked s and must be replaced with parts having specifications equal to those originally installed.

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Leakage Current Measurement For V Models Only When service has been completed, it is imperative to verify that all exposed conductive surfaces are properly insulated from supply circuits. G Meter impedance should be equivalent to ohms shunted by 0. Be sure to test for leakage with the AC plug in both polarities. The solder used in the production of this product contains LEAD. Avoid prolonged, unprotected contact between solder and your skin!

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If you come in contact with solder or components located inside the enclosure of this product, wash your hands before handling food. All of the P.


Among some types of lead free solder currently available, it is recommended to use one of the following types for the repair work. SP impedance set: 8 ohms minimum, 1 kHz, 0.

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U, C models 8 ohms Effect on 1 kHz, 0. CD, etc. Input 5. PAL Video conversion J model Y OFF Component video signal level U, C models Apple Computer,Inc.????? High-Definition Multimedia Interface?? TIME 1. Surround EX? Unit: mm inch?? Canadian model T Chinese model A Australian model G European model L AC V, 60 Hz R model AC V, 50 Hz K model AC V, 60 Hz A model AC V, 50 Hz L model R, T models Black color U, C models Titanium color J model Titanium color L SUR. A DSP P. Disconnect the power cable from the AC outlet. Removal of Top Cover 1. Remove 4 screws 1 , 5 screws 2 and screw 3. Slide the top cover rearward to remove it.

Removal of Front Panel Unit 2. Remove 2 knobs. Remove screw 4 and then remove the support top. Remove 6 screws 5. Remove the front panel unit. Removal of Sub Chassis Unit 3. Remove 2 push rivets 6. Remove the sub chassis unit. Top cover??????

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  8. Plate side R??????? Remove push rivet 8 and then remove the artbase B. Remove 2 push rivets 9. HDMI P. B 9 D Artbase C?????? Removal of DSP P. DSP P. Remove screw A and push rivet B. Remove the DSP P.

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    Then place the P. Be sure to use the extension cable before replacing the following section. MF o When connecting the flexible flat cable, be careful with polarity. When these P. Ground point??????? Remove screw D. Remove screw F. Remove 2 screws H. Remove the tuner. MAIN 1 2? Remove screw I and then remove the artbase E. Remove 6 screws J. Remove 2 screws K , screw L , 2 screws M and screw N. CB U, C models Ground lead????

    PJ CB Tuner????? K Rubber sheet and cloth??????? MF Heat sink?????? MAIN 1 P. MF 16 CB4 Rear panel????? Put the P. G to the chassis with a ground lead or the like. G G Ground lead???? After replacing the DSP P. G Required tools? PC o Firmware downloader program FlashSta. Pin No. It is also recommended to keep the software on the task tray closed as well.

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